ASKO W 6231

ASKO W 6231
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Jun 2019

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Still going strong


We bought the Asko W6231 over 8 years ago, and todate, have never had a problem that needs a service call or any issues under warranty. We bought it because we were replacing our old Simpson machine that had served well for 20 years also with out a...

Trouble free

Doesn't have a lint filter

Nov 2013

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Have been very happy with my machine


Have had my Asko for 7 years and haven't had any real problems. Very water efficient. It is noisy when filling and the cycles do take some time. The clothes clean well and the spin cycle takes out a lot of the water but you do need to reduce the spin...

Water efficient, reliable

Noisy filling, start button next to open door button,

Dic 2011

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I'm quite happy with this Asko and would buy another Asko washing machine. I've read bad submissions from others but I cannot complain about the quality.

Unlike others experiences, I've has mine since 2003 and had NO problems - until now, but after 8 years, I'm not complaining. The machine has worked faultlessly and I have no issues.

The start button is too close to the door open button. No time remaining indicator. Can be noisy on filling but not overly problematic.

Mar 2011

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Never again would I buy an allegedly superior Euro design. From now on we buy LG Samsung and other mass market / cheap brands.

Not much I'm afraid.

As unreliable as our ASKO dishwasher! Noisy. 2 expensive call outs from a techo in 4 years and the machine has failed again. Now once the cycle starts - it never finishes! Also bizarre industrial design - the button to open the door is adjacent (and...

Ene 2011

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On their website ASKO say their products are built to last. Definately not the case in my opinion. NOT HAPPY!

Like the options of 5 hour time delay to wash overnight and different options like gentle, hand wash, heavy wash etc

We've had this machine about 5 years and 6 weeks ago had to replace the motor. Rusted due to a broken hose. Cost $580. It's just broken down again. V dissapointed. Also very noisy when filling with water. I thought at the time I was buying a quality...

May 2010

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We bought this machine about four years ago and it's needed to be repaired about once every year. The repairs have been very expensive with a control board costing us $400 plus labour to install it the repair bill came to nearly $500, you could almost...

Very efficient regarding water usage.

Very noisy when water is being dispensed into the drum. Very expensive repairs. Repairs required too frequently. Clothes nowhere near as clean as with our old Simpson top loader.

Ene 2010

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For the money would have expected for it to have lasted longer. Good performance, thought towels were rather rough but I suspect that was my fault for not reducing the speed of the spin.

Good washing machine cant complain about the quality of the washing.

It broke down after 3 1/2 years.

Sep 2008

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Great!!! With better than excellent service history. This machine was sold to us at cost price because our old Asko machine (10yrs old) failed and was not cost effective to repair, although they did have the necessary parts.

It's quite; uses minimal water, power and detergent and generally washes very well.

When washing large items like sheets they do not rinse well with collections of detritus in the creases where it spins. It's as though the sheets filter the dirt, lint etc and don't let it rinse away. No time remaining indicator.

Ene 2008

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The clothes are washed efficiently without damage like they used to in the top loader and twin tubs. We do about ten loads per week. It ahndles delicates to heavy soil really well. This machine is the best we have come across. We bargained hard and got...

This machine works very effectively using half the recommended amount of detergent. So it's very cost effective. The wash always comes out clean. The high speed spin options mean you can get things almost dry before hanging them out or using the dryer....

There is no wash time remaining indicator so it's hard to know where the cycle is up to.

Mar 2005

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