LG OLED B8 (2018) Series

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Comentario de experto escrito por : John Archer (trustedreviews.com)

LG OLED55B8PLA Review | Trusted Reviews


LG OLED55B8PLA review: Say hello to the cheapest OLED TV LG has ever released

Great price for an OLED TV ; Typically good OLED picture quality ; Beautiful design

Picture quality falls short of step-up LG 2018 OLED models ; Not the brightest with HDR sources ; Needs care with set up

While not quite as good as LG's more expensive OLED TVs for 2018, the OLED55B8PLA still retains more than enough OLED picture quality DNA to look like a serious bargain.

Oct 2018

Comentario de experto escrito por : What Hi-Fi? (whathifi.com)

LG OLED55B8PLA review


The most affordable 2018 OLED TV we've seen so far this year - but is it a true bargain?

Rich, refined colour palette ; 'Lights-out' black levels ; A benchmark user experience ; Voice control support ; Price ; Vast HDR format support - including Dolby Vision

More expensive 2018 LG models offer slight picture improvements ; Peak brightness second to Samsung QLEDs

The cheapest 2018 LG OLED is also one of the best-value TVs we’ve seen this year

Jul 2018

Comentario de experto escrito por : John Archer (homecinemachoice.com)



For the past few years, LG has pursued a policy of giving every OLED TV series in any given year's range more or less the same picture quality. For 2018, though, it tried something different. Its entry-level B8 TVs use a less powerful processor than...

Ene 2019

Comentario de experto escrito por : John Archer (techradar.com)

LG B8 OLED (OLED55B8, OLED65B8) review


LG has given each of its OLED TVs in any annual range refresh the same picture quality. So, the only way you can differentiate between separate ranges is along purely design and/or sound quality lines. This has, in turn, limited the extent of the price...

Great price for OLED Good picture quality Gorgeous design Strong smart system

Lacks a little brightness Doesn’t use latest processing Dark scene video noise Slightly soft HD upscaling

LG has finally stumbled on a way to make its OLED TV technology substantially cheaper by using a less powerful video processor. The B8 OLED range uses a so-called Alpha 7 chip similar in power and scope to the processors used in LG’s 2017 models rather...

Sep 2019

Comentario de experto escrito por : Sasha Muller (expertreviews.co.uk)

LG B8 OLED (OLED65B8) review: This is an OLED bargain to be reckoned with


LG upgrades its 'entry-level' OLED TV for 2018 – and the results are sensational

True blacks, vibrant colours and wide viewing angles ; The most comprehensive HDR format support (HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision, Technicolor) ; Low input lag

Thin vertical streaks in very dark scenes ; HDR not as impactful as full-array local dimming LCD TVs ; Small risk of permanent burn-in with prolonged display of static logos

The price is the real clincher, however. If you’ve been tempted by OLED’s charms, then the OLED65B8 is the perfect meeting point between price, performance and big-screen HDR thrills.

Jul 2019

Comentario de experto escrito por : Daniel O'Keeffe , Eric Bousquet, Ian Cumming, Brun (rtings.com)



The LG B8 is a 4k OLED TV with excellent picture quality, especially when viewed in a dark room. It can produce perfectly deep blacks due to the emissive technology, and has excellent motion handling with an instantaneous response time. The image also...

Perfect deep blacks ; Almost no motion blur in sports and video games ; Very good picture quality when viewed at an angle

Brightness depends on screen content due to Automatic Backlight Limiter (ABL) ; Risk of permanent burn-in with long periods of static content

Jul 2018

Comentario de experto escrito por (which.co.uk)

LG OLED55B8PLA television review

  (Rating Oculto)

Despite OLED TVs only being widely available for a few years they are no longer exclusively the reserve of the wealthy. The 55-inch LG OLED55B8PLA launched at a price that's only a few hundred pounds more than its predecessor cost a year after release....

Sep 2018

Comentario de experto escrito por : Phil Hinton (avforums.com)



LG has been busy moving the OLED TV game on but unlike last year, the B8 seems to be pegged back from the rest of the family line-up with the use of a lower grade processor. But does that really...

Excellent black levels and shadow detail ; Stunning contrast performance with SDR content ; Very good HDR performance ; Dolby Vision and Atmos support ; HLG, HDR10 and Technicolour support ; WebOS smart system ; Dynamic Tone Mapping feature ; Excellent...

Some visible gradation issues when compared to A9 powered C8 ; Not much else at this price point!

Oct 2018

Comentario de experto escrito por : Karl-Gerhard Haas (pc-magazin.de)

LG OLED55B8LLA im Test - PC Magazin


Der LG OLED55B8LLA glänzt im Test mit Top-Bild und überragendem Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis. Was macht den OLED-TV so besonders?

faszinierendes Bild ; Dolby Vision

Overscan bei SD-TV ; Bässe verzerren

video Testurteil: sehr gut (87 %); Preis/Leistung: überragend; video "Kauftipp"

Ene 2019

Comentario de experto escrito por (av-magazin.de)

LG OLED 65B8SLC im TV-Test Riesen-Bildleistung zum Top-Preis


164 Zentimeter High-End-Bild – das ist nicht nur pures Heimkino, sondern auch pures Erlebnis. Und dank 4K-Bildpunktzahl wirken die Bilder gleich nochmals größer: Man darf ihnen so nahe rücken, dass die Filme mit aller Wucht ins Auge schmettern und das...

Mar 2019

Comparación de precios para LG OLED B8 (2018) Series

  Tienda     Precio
LG OLED55B9S-ALEXA - Smart TV 4K OLED 139 cm (55")...
LG OLED, el único negro puro que hace que el resto de colores brille
1176,00 € VER
LG OLED 65OLEDB6D - Televisor de 164 cm (resolución...
Forma de la pantalla: plana
545,00 € VER
LG OLED55B7V - TV de 55" (OLED UHD, 3840 x 2160...
La ausencia de retroiluminación de la tecnología OLED consigue el único negro puro que hace que el resto de...
1890,00 € VER
LG OLED55E8PLA LED TV 139 cm (55") 4K UHD Smart TV...
El procesador inteligente α9 (alpha9) se ha optimizado para el lg oled tv; se presenta en cada imagen una...
1545,00 € VER
Philips 55OLED803/12 - Televisor Ambilight Smart TV...
Este televisor de 55 pulgadas con resolución 4k uhd (3.840 x 2.160) y tecnología oled hace saltar de...
770,00 € VER
LG Signature OLED65C97LA OLED 164cm 65" 4K HDR 2xDVB...
OLED Smart TV con diagonal de pantalla de 164 cm (65 pulgadas) y resolución de 3840 x 2160 píxeles (UltraHD...
545,00 € VER
139 cm (55"), 4 K UHD,TV conectado WebOS,122.8 x 74.4 x 24.6 cm, 40 W Dolby Atmos,x4,x3.
1179,00 € VER
LG OLED65B8PLA - Ultra HD Smart TV, 65" 4K, WiFi...
Pantalla de 65" oled uhd 4k hdr, 3840 x 2160 píxeles
1849,00 € VER
Pantalla de 65" oled uhd 4k hdr, 3840 x 2160 píxeles
2284,00 € VER
1549,00 € VER
LG Televisor Lg 65b9s Ultra Hd Oled Smar Tv De 65...
Conexió,N; Wifisí,; Ethernetsí,; Bluetoothsí,; Miracastsí,Audio; Altavoces Incorporadossí,; Potencia...
1773,00 € VER
WeBuy.com LG OLED55B7V Smart 4k Ultra HD HDR 55” OLED TV, B 625,00 € VER

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