Review Insights from alaTest is a set of market intelligence tools that provide objective and actionable strategic insights based on consumer and expert conversations around brands and products.

Review Analytics - interactive dashboard

  • Dynamically track local and international reviews for your products and evaluate how you compare to the competition.
  • Access new product reviews on a daily basis, for your selection of products and sources.
  • Analyze user and expert opinion on brand, category, product and features and identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • Drill down further to examine detailed data on source, rating, feature or review level. Search to find reviews discussing any topic.
  • Quickly identify and asses any product issues through alerts.

Customized Reports - making sense of big data

  • Understand and visualize global trends, key product features and benchmark against the competition through customized reports.
  • Large volumes of reviews, ratings, features and sentiments in multiple languages ensure reliability.
  • Keep up with the latest developments through regular report updates, to plan and take any corrective action.


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